• Garlic straight from our farm

    to your kitchen or shop

  • A Selection of
    spicy Chillies

  • Tasty Macadamias

    Grown and Nurtured
    in our own orchard

Welcome to Murray's Creek Produce

Murray's Creek Produce is run out of our farm on the ranges out at Pappinbarra on the beautiful mid-North coast of NSW. We are Klara Lantay and Stuart Owens, and we welcome you to our webpages.

Like most projects, Murray's Creek Produce began life as our desire to just enjoy good garlic with some of the bite and piquancy reminiscent of old times. Ten years ago, the offerings available from supermarkets always seemed to taste bland and uninteresting. We thought it was time to grow our own – initially just for our own pleasure and consumption, of course! Little were we aware of the twisty country road and where it would lead us.

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NO Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides or Insecticides are used on our farm.